Live in Style

Give your home that personal touch with the new external cladding styles on the market.

Transportable homes no longer need to resemble cardboard boxes with cut-out windows. Now, you can inject style into your modular home with the newest external cladding designs. No longer a boring addition that fails miserably at looking trendy, cladding has evolved into a must-have item sought after by builders and interior designers everywhere.

Long gone are the days of modular homes looking like…well…a jigsaw puzzle of cardboard boxes. The styling has moved past eye-watering exterior walls that look like they’ve just had a can of paint thrown at them. Now you can put a pretty face on the outside of your property.

Here are some external cladding styles and ideas that you can use to spruce up your transportable home:


Colorbond® comes in a range of colours and can be used in modern or more traditional styled homes.


James Hardie’s PrimeLine® Heritage cladding creates a stylish effect. It complements the Colorbond Deep Ocean colour below the dado line, and the Colorbond Windspray above the dado line, creating depth to what would otherwise look like a shed wall.

Weatherboard cladding

Weatherboard cladding is the overlapped joint look that has long been associated with transportable buildings and kit homes. However, it has now evolved past the boring styles of yesteryear and become a stunning addition to any modular or fixed building. Here’s a look at a few of the many stylish Weatherboard options to make your home look like it just stepped off the pages of an Architecture & Decor magazine:

PrimeLine® Newport Cladding from James Hardie.

Scyon StriaTM & Scyon MatrixTM Cladding from James Hardie.

HardiePlankTM Rusticated.

Now you get to choose profiles that can be used to create every style from contemporary panel shapes and sizes, to the more traditional look which can be established using HardiePlank™ Rusticated.

Imitation stone

Just because you own a relocatable home, does not mean you get to miss out on the beauty that is stone cladding. A firm favourite with many homeowners, imitation stone cladding allows you to create beautiful features inside or outside your home, whether it’s incorporating a fireplace in your living room or a stone wall on the patio.

The stylish selection available from Rockwood™ and Eco Outdoor™ resemble real brick, slate or rock. Water, fire and UV resistant, these styles are brilliant options to consider for that outdoor feature wall you were dreaming of but thought you couldn’t have.

Shows stone feature wall – Everglades Sand Stone from Rockwood Cladding complemented by Scyon Stria Cladding from James Hardie.

Shows stone feature on a chimney – Eco Outdoor Random Ashler Style stone work in “Clancy.”


If you really want to push your portable home into the world of style, then Cemintel is another option. This brand of exterior cladding includes stylish facades made from a fibrous, lightweight and versatile cement. Cover your walls in façade panels of different colours and sizes. A firm architectural favourite thanks to its user-friendly installation, weather resistance and extraordinary ability to transform the exterior of any property; Cemintel will give your transportable home a modern, stylish edge.

Designer transportable homes are on the rise – and the move – and the wide scope of options make them architecturally appealing, inside and out. Bespoke kit homes can be made to suit your exact requirements, and you get to call the shots on the style and features you want.

Contact Quality Builders for a unique transportable home to suit your needs. And, now you can also add that personal touch and give it a stylish personality with cladding trends that will make the  Joneses want to keep up with you.