What a feature wall can do for your home

Is it for you?

Can you try and pinpoint when feature walls became a trend in interior design? We’re not sure either but turn on any interior design show and the designers will always suggest a
feature wall. Needless to say, the interior design world is infatuated and have come up with some interesting designs to provide a bit more variety to new homeowners. Chat to your local design consultants to help guide you on the best options for your home. Take a look at some of the latest feature wall trends doing the rounds.

  • Decals

Many feature walls have made use of removable decals, which are perfect if you’re not totally committed to the idea of having a feature wall in your home. Floral decal patterns in black and white is a popular choice. Adorned against a white wall, it will stand out perfectly.

  • Wallpaper

When we think of wallpaper, we think of the floral patterns that adorn old houses. Wallpaper has seen a surge in popularity and now you can choose from a variety of patterns such as polka dots and colourful geometric shapes.

  • Art

What is the most amazing part of having a wall dedicated to art? Your art doesn’t need to match in colour or shape. It makes for a charming and eclectic wall, and definitely adds the ‘wow-factor’ to any room.

  • Paint

It’s the obvious go-to choice for a feature wall. When you have a room that is painted white, people usually add a pop of colour on a wall that will be the centre of attention. You choose what colours to use, some prefer subdued hues, others want eccentric and some opt for brazen colours.

  • Murals

If you’re artistic, you’ll appreciate the mural feature. Get creative with graffiti art and perhaps a splash of paint. The idea is to have fun with murals and create something that will reflect your artistic personality.

  • Tiles

Here’s an option that is simple and chic if you’re not into bold wall features. This is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens but you can add brick-like tiles to give your home that New York apartment feel.

So now that you have a few ideas for your feature wall, here are a  few things to consider before you get started:

Natural light

Once you have decided on a space, inspect the amount of natural light the area receives. Say you decided to make use of a dark colour palette for your feature wall. If you’re trying to make this wall stand out, you need to make sure the wall receives natural light.

Bright isn’t always right

It may look fantastic in a magazine but consider the space you are working with. Bright hues may not always work in a small space and can overwhelm the eyes. If you’re dead set on introducing bright colours into a room then maybe consider bright objects instead.

White isn’t always bright

White can make a small space seem large, it’s a piece of advice as old as time, but may not always be true. Again, natural light is your friend here and once it hits a white wall, it can whitewash the room and leave you with a hospital-like atmosphere.


If you’re painting, don’t use sample swatches, rather test the colours on the wall to get an idea of what the colour will look like. Leave it on the wall for a day or so and see what it looks like when natural light hits it.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get adventurous and playful with feature walls.

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